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To "yoga" or not to "yoga"

Yes, I always say yes to yoga. When people ask me if they think yoga would be good for them, I simply tell them that yoga is good for everyone! I truly believe that, if everyone practiced yoga, our world problems would be solved. There are so many benefits to a regular yoga practice. You gain strength and flexibility through the physical postures "asana". You gain breath and body awareness. The mind becomes more steady and clear with sharp focus. You become a more mindful, self realized person. You learn to surrender to the spiritual in whatever form that looks like to you. There are so many different styles of yoga and different teachers, so try as many classes until you find the one that resonates with you. At Habit, we have both heated and non-heated classes with a wide range of styles and teachers; pilates, core, flow, hatha, restore, meditation, and energy medicine yoga.
Yoga Sutra 1.1: Patanjali’s first teaching, atha yoga anushasanam, which means “now, the…

Got a Flat Tire?

Holidays offer a spread of temptations. If you get off plan - don't slash all your tires! Fix your flat and move on. Food is in abundance right under your nose and it’s your human nature to want to devour it all.  It’s not that you lack willpower and are weak. To successfully navigate holiday treats, you need strategies!
Try these 5 strategies to get you back to feeling good and in control in no time.
1. Don't let an indulgence drag you down. It doesn’t matter what you did that knocked you down.  It doesn't define your character.  What determines the type of person you are is how you pick yourself back up.  What will define your success is what you do after you eat that cookie. Remember, it’s progress, not perfection. 2. Drink water. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger.  You can drink flat or carbonated water.  It can be hot, warm, room temperature or cold.  Just make sure you hydrate. 3. Eat some fiber. Be careful consuming sugar with dietary fat.  Instead, go for some l…

Art of Holding Space

What does the art of holding space mean?  It means meeting people where they’re at and not taking on their pain;holding a grounding experience to allow them to feel and process what they need.  You must let go of your agenda, judgements, and let go of trying to “fix” someone. Meet people with a compassionate heart and guide them to the answers they already have inside.  How does it make you feel when someone tells you should be happy, or smile when things are going really terrible for you? It’s important to know the difference of having empathy v. sympathy.  I think Brene Brown says it best in this video and in her books:
The first step in the art of holding space is self-care.  Some people think self-care is selfish, but that is furthest from the truth.  We must fill our cup up before being able to give to others fully without getting depleted.  Examples of self-care can be eating healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, massages…