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How to boost your immunity to help prevent the spread of the corona virus

First and foremost, be careful getting too attached to the sensationalized media. I mean, it's good to stay informed, but don't get too attached. There is a multi billion dollar industry behind the sensationalized media called big pharma. The first step in increasing your immune system is moving from a space of fear to a space of abundance and love. Detox your mind of negative thoughts, anxieties, and negative thought patterns. Transform your worries into to trust and abundance and surrender. Worry and anxiety are like asking the universe to manifest that for you. The power of manifestation is real and powerful in 2020! You can think of the law of attraction, like attracts like. It's your choice to remain negative or transform that into the positive. It's not easy, but it is a choice.
Second, there are many ways to boost the immune system, but lets start with nutrition first. Our body is a temple, and what we put into it matters. Eat as many whole organic…

The importance of detoxification

Detoxification is important in order to release toxins or "ama" from the body. Many of us have detoxification pathway issues, and need as much help as possible with detoxification. The toxic burden that we carry is the total accumulation of toxins in your body. The buildup of harmful chemicals found in both nature and man made substances. Environmental toxins include persistent organic pollutants (POCs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, and pesticides. Exposure to toxins is on the rise, and to compound the situation, we have also refined much of the nutritional value of our foods and replaced it with artificial coloring, preservatives, flavorings, conditioners, etc... Environmental toxins and drugs are neutralized and eliminated by efficient and elaborate enzymatic detoxification pathways. These pathways are dependent on proper nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle balance, and may require additional support during a prolonged or excessive toxin exp…

1 in 3 Americans have fatty liver disease :(

That means if you have 2 friends then 1 of the 3 of you could have fatty liver disease.
If you've never heard of it that's because almost nobody is talking about it. Which is crazy because all the latest medical research points to Fatty Liver Disease as the root cause of almost all of our modern killers: Heart diseaseAutoimmune disordersMetabolic syndromeKidney DiseaseObesityCancerSleep disordersChronic fatigueType 2 diabetesUnderactive thyroidSkin issues