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On Coronavirus and Cultivating Health

originally published 3/3/20

Diseases are Many. Health is One. Rather than exhausting yourself by doing battle against the Many, Nourish yourself by Cultivating the One. ~Folk Saying, said by someone who clearly knew what they were talking about.

With all the talk about the coronavirus and concerns about our collective wellbeing reaching a fever pitch, here is a little something that may provide some useful information, as well as some levity to help balance out the gravity surrounding the situation.

1. Don’t Panic. Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clark has said that Douglas Adams use of
“Don’t Panic” was perhaps the best advice ever given to humanity, and I wholeheartedly agree. When we are operating out of fear or in a state of panic we do not think clearly, we may take actions that are most likely unnecessary, and we end up putting undue stress on our nervous and immune systems. None of these will help us in the ways we could stand to best be helped. If you find yourself slipping in…

May is mental health awareness month so lets talk emotional protective equipment

May is mental health awareness month, so lets talk about emotional protective equipment to get through these very weird and strange times.
As many people come back to work after after this pandemic "we're all in this together" is both true and untrue.  Yes, the pandemic is a global experience, but it's also very much an individual experience.
Your race, socioeconomic status, where you live and whether or not you have children all have a dramatic impact on how you're responding in the face of a pandemic.

Personal protective equipment is one thing to protect us as humanity and flatten the curve, but what about emotional protective equipment?

Many people have lost many things; health, freedom, jobs, businesses, family, and friends, so we are dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief at an epic level!!!

This brings about stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse or post-traumatic stress disorder that follows.

The good news is we have the opportunity to trans…

7 supplements to help manage stress

In this article we will discuss signs of stress, natural ways to combat stress, and supplements that can help support healthy stress levels.

Physical signs of stress: 

Change or decrease in libidoChest painDigestive problems and upset stomachDry mouthFatigueHeadachesJittersMuscle pain or tension, including neck or back painRapid heartbeatSkin irritationsTrouble sleeping (14)(37)(34)Mental and emotional signs of stressAngerAnxietyFeeling overwhelmedForgetfulnessIrritabilityLack of focusLack of motivationRestlessnessSadness or depression (34)
Behavioral signs of stress:

Drugs or alcohol abuseExcessive eatingLack of appetiteReduced engagement in physical activitySocial withdrawalTobacco use 5 Natural Ways to reduce stress: Get out in natureMindful moving and mindful breathing practices like yogaGet organized and plan aheadMove the body and exerciseTalk to loved ones
7 supplements to help manage stress:

Ashwaghanda - an adaptagenic herb that supports healthy cortisol levelsChamomile - supports c…

Stress is taking its toll on us and society as a whole today

The growing stress and its impact on the body, mind, emotions, and health are showing up in our day to day lives.

For example, The American Institute of Stress notes that 75 to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints. A Harvard study shows that people who live in a state of high anxiety are four and a half times more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death than non-anxious individuals.

An international investigation reveals that people who are unable to effectively manage their stress have a 40 percent higher death rate than their nonstressed counterparts.

Stress has become such a regular part of our lives that we’ve simply adapted to this unhealthy condition. It’s become so “normal” that some people actually think stress is good. In certain cases they may be right. It’s true, for instance, that stress can be a motivator useful in addressing a challenge. Without some stress in our lives we probably wouldn’t get as much done. Life would be a…

It's okay to not be okay

Times have been challenging and have changed in a significant way in a short period. 

We have all lost many things due to the recent pandemic; jobs, family, friends, physical connection, freedom, homes, animals, finances, etc... 
We are all grieving on some level. 
That is going to look different for everyone, and grief isn't a linear process either. 
It comes and goes, and doesn't occur in the same order for everyone. 
I think it's important to talk about the fact that it's okay to not be okay. 
I mean it's important to feel our feelings even if they aren't good, hopeful or positive. 
We have to move through these feelings to come back to balance, find our center, and be embodied.

There is a common misconception in the yoga industry, as well as in the world as a whole, that if you don't feel good or aren't positive then you aren't living the yogic way, which couldn't be further from the truth. 
This is called spiritual bypassing, gas lighting, …

What does it mean to be resilient and how do I find it?

What does it mean to be resilient and how do I find it?  

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back quickly from anything that comes your way whether that be a traumatic situation or ill health.

To be effortlessley adaptable like a fox.  

The ability to transform chaotic events into a state of coherence or nervous system regulation.

Transform post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth.

Nutrition is important in finding resiliency, so that way you have an abundance of energy to decrease levels of inflammation by eating healthy nutritious whole foods.

It's important to eliminate or significantly decrease your consumption of sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

Sugar and alochol create havoc on the immune system by increasing your blood sugar, which in turn causes inflammation in the body.

Processed foods are full of chemicals and lack vitamins and minerals on top of creating a significant carbon footprint.

Reduce your levels of stress by moving your body whether that be exercise,…

Stengthening the immune system through conciousness

Stengthening the immune system through conciousness

When you inhabit the body in the physical realm you stengthen the immune system.

The more conciousness you bring into the body the stronger the immune system becomes.

It is as if every cell wakes up and celebrates!

The body loves your attention.

This is a potent form of self-healing.

Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in the body.

If the master is not present in the house all kinds of questionable characters will take up space there.

When you inhabit your body, it will be hard for unwanted visitors to enter into the temple.

Not only does the physical immune system become strengthened, but so does the psychic immune system.

This protects you from negative mental-emotional force fields of others, which tend to be highly contagious.

Inhabiting your body protects you from negative energy of others by raising your vibrational frequency, so that anything that vibrates at lower frequency such as; fear, anger, depression, anxie…