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The 5 Yamas: The basics of yoga philosophy

I wanted to share with you the 5 yamas: the basics of yoga philosophy.    In the Yoga Sutra, a collection of texts written between the second and fifth century, philosophers outline an eight limbed path of purification of mind and body.  The first step on the eight limbed path is Yamas. Yamas is how we relate to other people.

Yoga is rooted in deep wisdom, philosophy, and history.  It's important to remember why we practice it.  If you aren't studying, practicing, and/or teaching the philosophy of yoga then you are merely exercising or sitting in meditation, which is still beneficial.

The practice of yoga extends way outside of any yoga class or beyond a yoga mat.  The more you live your yoga practice and weave it into your everyday life the more authentically you are practicing yoga.  Yoga is a way of life similar to that of Buddhism or Taoism.

Yoga teaches you to be a better person each day.  How can you be a better person each day?

1.  Ahimsa = compassionor non-harming or n…

How to enhance your deep listening skills

Are you wondering how to enhance your deep listening skills?   

The world is full of talkers and needs more listeners.

My friend Jenn and I coined the term TLLM, which means to talk less and listen more.

How does it make you feel when someone cuts you off or doesn't pay attention to what you are saying or tries to fix you or discredits what you are saying?

Are you frequently thinking about what you are going to say next and continuously cutting people off mid sentence?  Then this blog is for you.

Deep listening is a form of holding the space for people to heal and connect on a deeper level.  

1st.  Making eye contact is key to making someone feel heard and seen.

2nd.  Mirroring in physical form is a great way for people to feel comfortable during talking and to feel like they are being received.

3rd.  Remain present and grounded.  Have 2 feet on the floor.  Maintain eye contact.  Continue mirroring the person physically if they change body position you can change body position to mirro…

Cultivate Peace and Love for ALL!!!

What does it mean to cultivate peace and love for all and how do we do it?

With the rise of racism, fear, lies, corruption, greed and injustice as of late I thought it's important to focus on cultivating peace and love for all.

At Habit, we won't stand for injustice or inequality.  Black lives matter.  Brown lives matter.  We embrace our oneness regardless of color or socioeconomic status.  All are welcome here and we are here to support and stand up for equal rights and justice!!!  We will do whatever it takes to help raise people's vibration and help them see the light.

On the bright side, it's great to see people waking up to injustice, questioning the truth, and taking action.

It's important our action is rooted in compassion, peace, and love for all.

We must focus on raising our vibration, so that we can rule out hate, greed, ignorance, inequality, racism, and injustice.

How does one raise their vibration you ask?  You must work on yourself on all levels; soul,…